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CHIPPENDALE – a Sydney crime scene goes green

Cutting edge; Central Park has replaced the old Carlton brewery.

Cutting edge; Central Park has replaced the old Carlton & United brewery with eco-design shops and apartments.

An accident of logistics* sees me staying in an Air BnB apartment in the historic inner city Sydney suburb, Chippendale.¬†(Sorry if you hit this blog post while googling ‘furniture’ or ‘hunky male strippers’.)

Finding a little time for blogging after an enforced¬†break, I researched ‘Chippendale, NSW’, on the web. Apparently it’s famous for its murders. Continue reading


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Well, maybe only in Scotland would this be a cool numberplate.

Well, maybe only in Scotland would this be a cool numberplate.

Wifi is slow and limited, but worked just well enough to get this posted.

This morning Mevrouw T and I board the train in Glasgow’s Queen Street Station to head north to Oban, then it’s onto a boat for a wildlife cruise around the Isle of Mull. Stay tuned…


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Unfortunately we’ll be in the wrong place at the wrong time, out of media contact while many millions in different parts of the world watch the work of the Tulloch family in two separate productions about to hit their screens. Continue reading


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The billboard in Sydney. Photo; Edwina Pickles, Fairfax media

Are you thinking what I’m thinking, B1? I think many people are, B2. Photo: Edwina Pickles, Fairfax media

The ABC is under threat. Not for the first time, the Australian government feels that it is getting more than its fair share of criticism from the publicly funded national broadcaster. It has the option of cutting ABC funding in the upcoming May budget.

Former ABC Chairman and Managing Director David Hill put it well in his article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

My fear is that cutting ABC funding further will damage not only the ABC’s ability to be an effective independent news and current affairs service, but also the contribution it makes to Australian children’s programs, education, the arts, classical and alternative music, science, comedy, rural affairs and a host of other areas which are poorly served by commercial media.

I declare an interest here. The ABC took a big punt when it gave me my first ever job. Continue reading


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Welkom, meneer!

Welkom, meneer! Our king is delighted you can join us.

We citizens of the world would like to be allowed to travel wherever we like and to live where we choose.

By filling in a form and forking out for a visa now and then, we’re able to do pretty much just that.

Others are not so fortunate. By accident of birth, many are condemned to live in places they would prefer to leave. Places which are dangerous to life, health and liberty. Places which condemn their families to generations of powerlessness and poverty.

Which is why a citizenship ceremony is an important, joyful and humbling occasion. Continue reading


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We apologise for any inconvenience…

Only five more hours till boarding call.

Singapore, 1.40am. Only five more hours till boarding call.

You have to laugh. We were prepared for some logistical problems on our trip to India, but we didn’t expect them to start so soon. Continue reading


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A protester in Brazil presents a birthday cake to the general assigned to control the demonstration.

We have seen some very depressing images in Australia this week; children at a Sydney protest against the film Innocence of Muslims holding up signs reading ‘Behead all those who insult the prophet’.

Worse things have happened in other parts of the world as people who haven’t seen the pathetic amateurish film (yes, I watched some of it on YouTube until I was too bored to continue) try to convince each other of their righteous anger by violently rioting, hurting and killing themselves, other demonstrators and total strangers – fellow human beings about whom they know nothing.

For a sane, measured explanation of this senselessness, I highly recommend you read the article by Waleed Aly published in the Fairfax press.

Meanwhile, my thanks to my correspondent Theo for sending me the link to these more uplifting images of people being nice to each other. If you haven’t already seen them, click on the link:

I see that 9,882,857 people have already visited them. That’s more than clicked on Innocence of Muslims. They should be compulsory viewing for everyone who feels a little holy outrage coming on.


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