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Ever passed these luxury cruise ships and wondered who travels on them? This time it's us.

Ever passed these luxury cruise ships and wondered who travels on them? This time it was us.

Regular readers of this blog understand that Mevrouw T and I are two to three star people, seldom treated to five star anything.

So although a chance to glide around the Black Sea in luxury French ship l’Austral and get paid for writing about it was an offer too good to refuse, we also feared we would feel uncomfortable among the smart set.

We need not have worried. Continue reading


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Mind the gap! Well done, the helmsman who can steer this French cruise boat through this passageway!

Mind the gap! A steady hand on the tiller was needed to steer this French cruise boat down the Schinkel.

A constant source of free entertainment is available from our Amsterdam balcony as we watch the bridge on the Overtoomsesluis open, stopping road traffic to let the boats pass.

The Schinkel, the canal below us, is the busiest working canal in Amsterdam. On weekdays there is a regular parade of barges, ferrying sand dredged from the harbour to places inland where it is more useful for building and land reclamation.

It’s only a few metres deep, and generally calm and flat, but oh, there are some impressive feats of helmsmanship on show. And there’s always something going on down there. Continue reading


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CRUISING PARIS – and losing my virginity on the Seine

The Viking Spirit at Les Andelys.

Now it’s over, I don’t mind telling you. That was my first time.

I’ve travelled on rivers by kayak, canoe, white water raft and once, in an hour of madness, on an inflated tyre tube, but that was my maiden voyage on a cruise ship.

You see, when I travel I like to be active, to challenge myself, to meet adventurous people and learn new things about the world. I thought cruises were for lazy sods who lounged in deckchairs sipping cocktails. I was wrong. Continue reading


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BRIDGES OF NEW YORK – from a Circle Line cruise

The Brooklyn Bridge - a mighty engineering feat of 1883.

A Circle Line Cruise of Manhattan is a touristy experience. well, of course it is. If you weren’t a tourist, you wouldn’t be doing it. Its whole raison d’etre is to give visitors a snapshot history of the city, and allow them to take their own snapshots of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

We expected all that, but it did have one element that pleasantly surprised us. Continue reading


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