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CADEL WINS! – in Surhuisterveen

Cadel chats to Dutch former Tour de France winner Jan Janssen. Photo ANP.

G’day again, Cadel, and congratulations!!

Mission accomplished as you won yesterday’s criterium in Surhuisterveen, Nederland. Continue reading


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Dutch appeltaart, available at every roadside cafe and the cyclist's worst enemy.

You would think that cycling 50-90km a day would have a desirable effect on the waistline. On the Pieperpad, things don’t work that way. Here’s why… Continue reading


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DOKKUM, FRIESLAND – old-timers in the old town

Unfortunately I can’t promise you a show like this every time you visit Dokkum. That’s a pity, because although it caused a major traffic jam, the event certainly brought the place to life. Continue reading


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THE MILK ROBOT – turning grass into ice-cream

Organic cow #10100010011101 - otherwise known as Daisy.

Innocent city folk can learn a lot from cycling the Dutch Pieperpad .

Today I had my first encounter with a milk robot. Continue reading


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LOVE THE SPUD – the beautiful potato

Tulip season may be over, but the potato fields are blooming beautiful.

When potatoes were first introduced to Europe from their native Peru, nobody thought of eating them. They were exotic, beautiful garden plants.

Asse Aukes shows us around his farm, Gerbranda State, and in half an hour teaches us more about potatoes than we ever knew before. Continue reading


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MATA HARI – Friesland’s favourite spy

Our journey along the potato-growing Pieperpad began with a train ride from Amsterdam to Leeuwarden. A little statue by the canal there tells a story.

Her name has become synonymous with the expression ‘femme fatale’. Continue reading


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PIEPERPAD ADVENTURE – the search for B&B

There are some things you just know you're going to see on a cycle route through Friesland.

It was our mistake. Okay, my mistake. I should have checked the guidebook more carefully.

Thanks to various minor map reading errors, we’d already cycled more than the recommended 70km of the Pieperpad route through Friesland and it was late in the day that we rolled into the tiny village of Raard.

We’d seen enough green fields, Friesian cows and Friesian villages. We’d enjoyed them very much, but we didn’t need to see any more till tomorrow morning. We were ready for a shower, a meal and a bed. We had a B&B booked, so all we had to do was to find it. Nobody in Raard had heard of it. Continue reading


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