For one weekend in June each year, stately houses on Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals open their secret gardens to the public, giving us common folk (for a small fee) access to the playgrounds of the privileged. Mevrouw T. and I are regulars at this worthwhile event. Most gardens, in a town where space is at a premium, are formal French-style affairs, featuring box hedges, sundials and ponds with fountains. Many also hold temporary sculpture exhibitions during the open days, much of it for sale.

The Open Tuinen Dagen (Open Garden Days) are June 18-20, 2010.

For more information, visit the


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2 responses to “AMSTERDAM’S SECRET GARDENS – annual open day

  1. Oh I love this post! What gorgeous gardens and Im expecting to see Pan at every corner! Best wishes, Therese

  2. Thanks Therese, unfortunately it’s raining here on Day 1 of the Open Gardens Days (which is sadly a default weather position in Amsterdam), but if it clears up by Sunday I hope to have more good garden photos.

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