WORLD CUP – thanks for coming, Oranje

There was still some interest in the Zuidas big screen as fans paid homage to Sir Bert

Yesterday’s street party in Amsterdam pulled even bigger crowds than the matches. Half a million fans travelled into the capital on the extra trains Netherlands Rail had provided. Retiring captain Giovanni van Bronckhorst and coach Bert van Marwijk were knighted by Queen Bea.

Photo - de Volkskrant

The Dutch ‘elftal’ (eleven) travelled the canals by boat, with hundreds of thousands of fans lining the route and dozens performing chemical experiments. They discovered that if you jump into Amsterdam canal water you do not in fact dissolve like an Alka Seltzer pill, at least not if your body is already 50% alcohol.

So that was it for the World Cup 2010, thanks for coming Oranje, you played hard, lost ugly, beat Brazil, and came very close to going all the way. See you again in 2014. In the meantime we can get on with real life and the Tour de France.


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4 responses to “WORLD CUP – thanks for coming, Oranje

  1. Ina Fine

    Loved your story and photos. Watched the game in Singapore and missed all the dutch hype. Thanks.

  2. Tim

    Glad to see Gio got some public recognition. As a former Arsenal player, I have a soft spot for him, but he always came across as one of football’s genuine nice guys – and of course his farewell goal at the World Cup was one hell of a way to remember him!

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