Finally the sun shines on what’s been a soggy event up until now. And once again it becomes a fabulous Sydney phenomenon.

Sculpture by the Sea always makes a splash in this fantastic location.

Beautiful backdrops...

...and I particularly like the pieces which pay homage to their environment.

But everything is enhanced here.

She should buy it; it matches her wardrobe.

Sculpture by the Sea attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Go on a quieter weekday, if you can.

Some people may not know much about art...

...but they know what they like!

This is an annual event, held every November – get there if you possibly can!


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5 responses to “SCULPTURE BY THE SEA – Sydney 2010

  1. shawjonathan

    Great photos, Richard.Thanks

  2. bagnidilucca

    This looks like lots of fun – I have to go.

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