SATURDAY PHOTO #6 – Kings Park, Perth, WA.

Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia, is a treasure – a large tract of landscaped gardens, bushland and playgrounds right by the city centre. In the Synergy Parklands area is a pond where children feed the ducks.

This little pied cormorant was drying himself there. I’m sorry I cut his toes off, but he should be pleased I captured him so sharply in focus.

Taken with my Panasonic Lumix FZ18 camera (not my best camera, but it’s portable, has a good zoom lens and it usually does the job).


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6 responses to “SATURDAY PHOTO #6 – Kings Park, Perth, WA.

  1. Lovely photo, Richard 🙂

  2. Tim

    A very nice photo, Richard.

    I really like Kings Park – it’s a lovely tranquil spot. My father-in-law got remarried there (before I knew him), and I particularly like the avenues of dedicated eucalyptus trees in memory of the war dead.

  3. Thanks Tim. I hear there’s a waiting list for good wedding spots in Kings Park these days.

    And yes, seeing the names of all those young West Australian men who didn’t make it home from their big war adventure is very moving – as much so as the war cemeteries in Europe I think.

  4. Tim

    It was a huge service (and sacrifice) they gave, particularly given that the casualty rates suffered by the ANZACs (as a proportion of domestic population) were so high. From memory, many of them died at Gallipoli, I think?

    • The WA Light Horse story is told in Peter Weir’s excellent film Gallipoli.

      Many more ANZACs fell in France – 5000 at Fromelles in a day, 23,000 dead and wounded at Pozieres in a few weeks (my grandfather was among the wounded). This at a time that Australia had a population of only 3 million.

      We think 9/11 was traumatic, but…

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