SATURDAY PHOTO #7 – Amsterdam 5.30am

Sloterkade 5.30am

We’ll be tearing ourselves away from people in Sydney next weekend, so we need to remind ourselves of what makes Amsterdam worth going back to year after year.

This is the view down the Schinkel canal from our balcony. We don’t usually see dawn like this, but we’d arranged to meet people arriving at Schiphol Airport on an early flight. They say the light is best at dawn and dusk.

I swear that romantic couple with their bikes just happened to be there on the bridge. Sometimes you get lucky when you get up early.

Taken with my trusty Panasonic Lumix FZ18.


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4 responses to “SATURDAY PHOTO #7 – Amsterdam 5.30am

  1. Great photo. Can’t believe that couple cycled there by sunrise. Impressive.

    • Of course, Pat, they could be students paid by the Amsterdam Tourist Office to get out there each morning and look good in the sunrise.

      Paris too is full of young couples in black who kiss in the street, I presume for the benefit of international visitors. Though they all seem to enjoy their work.

  2. Joan Gourlay

    Wonderful photo, Richard. Love the reflections as well.

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