CYCLING THAILAND – a day ride from Phuket

I don’t normally use this blog to promote adventures I haven’t done myself, but my daughter and her partner came back from a holiday in Thailand today, raving about this short cycling trip they’d done. They were very impressed with the bikes, the route and the guiding, and thought it was worth giving a plug.

The trip was the Thai Muang Turtles and Waterfalls excursion run by Amazing Bike Tours.

Through the palms

The route took them 53km through fields, along beautiful beaches and past pineapple plantations. Most of the route was on sealed rural roads with little motorised traffic, but there were off road sections and their Trek MTBs were up to the job.

A few short sharp hills needed climbing.

The temperature hovered around the 37 degree mark, with humidity at 88%, so it was nice to end the ride at a waterfall.

It all sounds very good to me, and a lot better than hanging round a hotel pool in Phuket.

Thanks for the tip, Telma and Luke!

This Amazing Bike Tours day trip costs 2900 Thai baht (just under USD100) including pickup from Phuket hotel, minibus transport to and from the ride, bikes, guides and lunch.

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