SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW 2011 – a hell of a fair

This is hell on earth – everything that is wrong with the world pressed into a few hundred square metres, and a good proportion of the world’s population pressed in with it.

Blaring music, screaming crowds, fat families stuffing their faces with fatty food, spruikers selling the chance to win fluffy toys, plastic weaponry and shooting galleries marketed as fun, gaudy design, flashing lights, whining kids and harrassed parents appeasing them by buying them junk.

Is this where it starts – our quick-fix throw-away culture, our obesity, our gambling addiction and our willingness to sit on our butts while someone takes us for a ride?

Ordinary Australian families are doing it tough, so we can’t afford action on climate change, but we can find a few bucks for fairy-floss, big dippers and Scooby-Doo dolls. We’ve got the kids to think of, after all.

Am I missing something here? Am I turning into a grumpy old man?

The kids love it, don’t they? Our grandchildren were having a good time until the Tyrannosaurus Rex balloon popped. “Let this be a lesson to you, boys. You see, balloons are a kind of symbol for the ephemeral nature of pleasure…”

The noise is getting to me. Perhaps if I could press the mute button and just look…

…no, sorry, it’s not working.

“Hey, how about we go back and look at the baby goats – they were fun, weren’t they?”


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9 responses to “SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW 2011 – a hell of a fair

  1. David Barrett

    My sentiments exactly! Horrid, disgusting places full of junk, crap food, grumpy parents, overly-demanding kids and a huge waste of money.

  2. Great post, Richard ~ Great photos, too! ūüôā

  3. Yvonne Louis

    Fabulous photos Richard. Well said grizzle. Spot on and a timely warning so no, I will not take the grandchildren.

  4. So who’s a grumpy old man then? This grumpy old woman agrees totally and I haven’t been for years. This post reminds me why!
    Enjoy your European stay. Look forward to your posts on Kazarkstan,

    • Thanks the comments, David, Carol, Yvonne and Libby,

      I have to confess that the hellish part of the Show is partly avoidable, and there’s more room to get away from it since the event moved from Moore Park to Homebush.

      There were parts I and the grandchildren both enjoyed too – the dogs, poultry and goats in particular.

  5. Great pictures! It is not my favourite thing to do, but some people like it.

  6. Rachel

    I used to like noisy, crowded, tacky fairs like this, and then I didn’t. Now I prefer walking with friends in some place that’s empty of everything manmade, whether it’s a woodland or a moor or a farm field. The pictures, however, are very pleasing and make me happy I wasn’t there.

  7. This gave me a good chuckle.
    Yes I totally agree, that was all there but…. if you get there early (8am) none of the food and rides are opened only the animals are open so it’s lovely to walk around at your own pace with no crowds. My kids don’t know showbags exist, so we skipped that bit. The food is crap, we took our own, and for rides my eldest got one at the end just before we left. Bucketing rain also kept the crowds at bay.
    (I posted about it today as well.)

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