ALBERT CUYP MARKET, AMSTERDAM – it’s all about the people

Would you buy a back scratcher from this man?

Aelbert Cuyp was a 17th Dutch painter, best known for his backlit landscapes. His composition rule was that a painting should be 90% light or 90% dark, so that viewers would pay most attention to the minority 10%.

In the market in the Amsterdam street that bears his name, I guessed that the ratio of customers to vendors on a quiet Wednesday was about 9:1. I focussed my camera on the 10% doing the selling.

You can't get more Dutch than this, even if the Delft blue windmills are made in China.

The tulips probably come from Holland.

Say 'Cheese' - or Edam, or Gouda...

It's a genuine Rolex imitation, madam.

Have harmonica, will play.

A sample of Aelbert Cuyp's work.


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11 responses to “ALBERT CUYP MARKET, AMSTERDAM – it’s all about the people

  1. Edna Njio

    Excuse my ignorance, had been frequenting the Albert Cuyp Market before I moved to Amstelveen, didn’t know that Albert Cuyp is one of the Dutch (famous) painters. Truly enjoyed your candid photographs.

    • Thanks, Edna,

      I knew he was a painter (lots of streets in the Pijp and Old South area are named after artists) but I had to google him to find examples of his work.

      It’s not bad at all.

  2. Great post. Amsterdam looks wonderful.

  3. Agnès

    Kees werkt dagelijks in deze buurt mar hij maakt niet zulke mooie foto’s, Richard: geweldig! Over bijzondere plekken in Amsterdam ben ik recent weer naar de Rembrandt huis geweest. Ook zeer de moeite waard maar ik neem aan dat je het wel kent. Vooral de atelier van Rembrandt vind ik interessant maar ook de schets van Rembrandt: zijn geliefde Saskia ziek en liggend op bed. De schets (namaak uiteraard) is slordig opgehangen exact op de plek waar hij stond om de tekening te maken. Bijzonder. groetjes

    • Heel toevallig Agnes, hadden we plannen om vandaag naar het Rembrandthuis te gaan.

      En ik wil ook graag een officiele interview met Kees doen over de Pijp. Het is misschien iets voor de krant in Australie – een artikel over een te weinig bekend wijk van Amsterdam.

  4. michael

    Beautiful Amsterdam! Surprising to see fake Rolex in a European market. I thought they were only available in Asia (We call them Lolek!). Is there still a flea market near the Satanic church? I have always loved markets everywhere. I remember Paddy’s Market in the 60s in Sydney, Victoria Market in Melb. (still going), Tempe (sp?) Tip, and now all the local ones in BKK. I love the vendors. They’re much more fun than shop assistants, & always enjoy a bit of banter. I’m off to ChiangMai on Wednesday (Elephant-assisted Therapy Project with autistic kids), & when I got the invitation, the first thought was, “I can explore the markets!”

    • Michael, fake watches are what they sell in Asia. Here they are ‘genuine reproductions’ which is very different. I liked my market Bahnhof watch very much, though it’s now beyond repair.

      Please make some photos of the Elephant Project and post them, and tell us more about it – it sounds fascinating!

      • michael

        I will, I will! Umm, re “genuine reproductions” : does that mean they’re kosher? I’ve seen some rather posh boutiques in Bali, selling ‘Ersatz’ watches – quite expensive…and illegal, I suspect – but very public. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than $10 on one.

  5. This post could not be more on the level

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