SATURDAY PHOTO #10 – Accordions

Accordions in the Woonboot (Houseboat) Museum, Emmer-Compascuum, Netherlands

There’s something about old instruments.

We may prefer not to hear all of these played together, but they do look good en masse. They’re in Nelis and Leentje’s private museum in Drenthe – the Woonboot.

After tours of the collection of ‘things from grandma’s day’, owner Nelis plays his accordion and wife Leentje leads the singalong.

Not to be missed (though you probably won’t ever go there.)

Taken with Canon 500D, 17-85mm lens.


Filed under Holland, travel photography

3 responses to “SATURDAY PHOTO #10 – Accordions

  1. I have heard that the definition of a gentleman is a fellow, having learned to play the accordian, refrains from doing so. But I love them! Great picture.

  2. Laurens Hoogenboom

    Funny: I need Australian friends to find out about this eccentric place, 5 miles from home. And they serve good beer as well.
    the picture is great.

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