If the crowds at the Rijksmuseum put you off, at the airport you can take your time to smell the flowers.

This is a fabulous idea. Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum has a far bigger collection than can be displayed at any one time, so surplus works go on display on a rotational basis in a small gallery space at Schiphol Airport.

The original Rijksmuseum is partly closed for renovation until at least 2013.

This is bringing art to the people, catching them when they have time to kill. It was well attended while I was there, but far from crowded. And there are no ticket queues; it’s free.

The more famous Rembrandts and Vermeers may not be among the fifteen or so works on show, but there is enough to fill in half an hour before a boarding call.

The little model Rijksmuseum at Schiphol is open for viewing any time.

A rowdy Jan Steen family and a Jacob van Ruysdael landscape stare across at a group of beautiful 17th century floral paintings.

It’s a much better way to spend dead airport time (of which we have far too much these days) than buying duty free grog and cosmetics. If only more airports around the world would follow the Schiphol Airport example!

But if you feel a visit to an airport isn't complete without buying something you'll later regret, there's a Rijksmuseum gift shop too.


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2 responses to “RIJKSMUSEUM AT SCHIPHOL – more please!!

  1. There’s nothing half so sweet and soothing than a little corner of real Art in an arena of jetlaggers and fatigue. What a joy! Therese

  2. What a great idea! Haven’t been through Schipol for many years. Used to love it, though – very easy for Scotland, no need to change terminals, unlike Heathrow.


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