CLASSICO BORETTI PICS – the camera has been found!

I’m eternally gratefully to the kind person who found my camera by the finish of Amsterdam’s Boretti Ride and handed it in. If you want to contact me I owe you at least a beer and a free entry pass to next year’s event.

The morning sun shone brightly on the start.

The hardcore riders shot ahead, as the rest strung out on quiet roads.

It wouldn't be Holland if we didn't ride past windmills.

We do like to be beside the seaside - at Zandvoort.

Who says there are no hills in Holland? Look at those sandy alps!

That last windmill on the route means we're nearly there.

Cheese! 110km done. Time for an ice bath, a massage, a bowl of pasta and a beer.


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10 responses to “CLASSICO BORETTI PICS – the camera has been found!

  1. Delighted you’ve got the camera back. There are good people in the world.
    Enjoying your blog every day – brightens up a tough writing session!

    • Thanks, Libby. My better half had me convinced the camera must have been stolen in evil Amsterdam, but I always hoped and believed true cyclists would be honest.

      Why would you carry excess weight, and how could you conceal any loot under that lycra?

  2. Duncan Ball

    Along with Libby and I’m sure many others, I’m vicariously enjoying your adventures. The lost and found camera—it wasn’t that lovely Canon DSLR, was it? Encouraged by your choice on Bram’s recommendation I just bought one. Now to work out what is photo-worthy around here.

  3. I am so pleased you got your camera back. Isn’t is nice to know there are honest people in the world?

  4. Laurens Hoogenboom

    Good to hear you have your Canonbaby back. Dutch people are the most honest people of the world! (just for this day, that’s enough)
    Glad I did not find it, otherwise I had to ride 110 km’s next year.

    • Laurens, if you want to join me in 2012, I will gladly pay your entry fee.

      You get a free jersey in any size you want. I took an L this year, but I’ll put myself down for an M in 2012. That gives me a year to develop an M body to fit it.

      Shall I do the same for you?

  5. Laurens Hoogenboom

    Going down from XXL to M will take more than one year, I’m afraid. And it’s not the fee that will keep me home. But still I will go for jersey XL in one year……??????

  6. Jan

    So pleased your camera was found and returned Richard – you must have felt quite lost without it – and isn’t it nice to have your faith in people shored up.

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