The big head in Lelystad

Our fitness is building steadily, but we’re not ashamed to admit that certain parts of our bodies get tired after the days and hours we’ve been spending on the bike, riding the Pieperpad.

Fortunately the Netherlands has plenty of interesting art scattered by the roadside.

It’s a good excuse to get off the saddle for a moment, give the legs a rest and take a photo.


Onze conditie neemt langzamerhand toe, maar we schamen ons niet te erkennen dat na uren en dagen fietsen bepaalde lichaamsdelen soms moe worden.

Gelukkig is er in Nederland veel interessante kunst langs de weg.

Het is een mooi excuus om even af te stappen, de benen bij te laten komen, en een foto te maken.

By the A6 motorway coming into Lelystad.

By the North Sea dyke.

Reed boat - Schokland

We love this huge squatting figure watching Lelystand from an island in the Ijsselmeer. Click on the photo, then zoom in on him to get an idea of the scale.


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  1. Public art can be so much fun.

  2. Love it or hate it, everyone can see it for free, everyone can have an opinion about it and I believe it enriches people’s lives considerably.

    Serious (25%) cuts to arts spending were announced yesterday by the Dutch government. It will be sad if projects like these, and the artists behind them, are affected.

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