CHERRY PIP SPITTING – the next Olympic sport?

The champ shows how to do it. Head back, tongue curled, spit!

I wouldn’t want anyone to think it’s all work and no play riding the Pieperpad.

The Tiemens family joined us for a great day’s cycling south of Utrecht, and we stopped to buy the first cherries of the season from a roadside stall.

Across from the stall was a ‘Kersepitspuugbaan.’ (Cherry Pip Spitting Alley). Cherry pip spitting is yet to take off as a sport in Australia. We’re world champions in things like Aussie Rules Football that nobody else plays, but we’ve yet to produce a world champion on the spitting alley.

However we’re always game for a challenge so Mevrouw T and I tried our best to uphold the national honour. Sadly, on the day, the Dutch were far too good.

Engineer Herbert demonstrates how to get the ideal elevation to maximise flight followed by skid.

After a kilo of cherries had been eaten and the pips spat (spitten? spitted?), Marjolein was the champion with a massive spuug of over 10 metres. Junior champion was Maarten with 7.5 metres.

Maarten's efforts prove that simple talent is no substitute for perseverence. The harder you try, the further they fly.

(All results are provisional, subject to an inquiry by the International Cherry Pip Spitting Anti-Doping Commission).

Another kilo, please. No, make that two kilos. I need the practice.


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2 responses to “CHERRY PIP SPITTING – the next Olympic sport?

  1. 7,5 meter, wow! Dat ga ik ook eens proberen in onze achtertuin.

  2. En daarna een kersepitspuugbaan bij Stadion Galgenwaard laten bouwen, Jasper.

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