DE SCHINKEL – Amsterdam’s most entertaining canal

It isn't always as quiet as this on the Schinkel.

There was a blanket of fog this morning on the Schinkel, the canal which passes below our balcony.

Its changing moods are a constant source of enjoyment to us, as we watch the various forms of water transport doing their various things.

It's Amsterdam's busiest working canal. These barges were putting in sewers below the water.

Barges take sand dredged out of the harbour to be dumped somewhere it can make itself useful, keeping Holland's head above water.

But on a fine day, a sand barge can double as a mobile beach.

If it's not a fine day, and you've decided to have an outing in the boat, you do it anyway.

We see some beautiful older vessels passing...

...and occasionally there's a spectacular event. This 747 (minus wings, fortunately) was being moved along the Schinkel on a barge. We missed it, sad to say, but Thomas Schlijper was there.

We do enjoy living by the Schinkel…

...and we're not the only ones to love it.


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4 responses to “DE SCHINKEL – Amsterdam’s most entertaining canal

  1. Jan

    A mobile beach! What an enterprising idea and how astonishing to see a 747 moving along the canal – you would really have to do a reality check for that one. Do the bridges open, Richard? I love the photo of the little wooden boat and the last photo especially.

  2. Yes, Jan, the bridges on the Schinkel do have to open, taking road and tram-lines with them- that’s part of the entertainment. Though we no longer have the fun of seeing the bridge keeper ride past us from one bridge to the next on a bicycle.

  3. It looks more appealing now than when I first saw it 50 years ago. At that time garbage scows were parked outside our window. Much, much better congratulations. Irwin Schinkel in Canada

    • It can still get pretty grubby sometimes, Irwin, especially on the days people put their garbage on the street and the gulls pull it open. They should have named you after a cleaner canal!

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