BACK IN SYDNEY, for a morning river ride

The Cooks River cycle path has been resurfaced. Most of the potholes are gone, and it's looking good.

It’s nice to be back in Sydney after the humidity of Thailand. And we’re having fine, sunny, early summer mornings. Time to get on the bike.

There's a busy motorway above this little patch of wetland at Tempe, but you can't hear traffic in a photo. The egrets and stilts don't seem to mind it either.

A few warning signs do not a cycleway make, but at least around Brighton-le-Sands and Ramsgate the traffic is light most of the time, and the roads are wide and flat.

We enjoy the kilometre or so of cycle path through the casuarina trees leading towards Cronulla.

North Cronulla Beach is a good place to turn around for me. It's still a 26km ride home from here, making a 50km round trip.

But first a cup of coffee…

Take note - this is a fine cappuccino. The point is not that the little heart makes it taste any better, it's that you can't draw a heart in the froth unless you have enough colour in the coffee below it.


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4 responses to “BACK IN SYDNEY, for a morning river ride

  1. shawjonathan

    Welcome home Richard. The Tourist Bureau should put you on a retainer, you make Sydney look so desirable – not that it isn’t of course

  2. It looks like a lovely day, Richard. I spent saturday riding 73km in Adelaide, and every kilometre was in a bike lane, albeit on the road. And no hills! I spotted at least twenty pelotons (groups of more than eight!), not to mention hundreds of single riders. Simply by painting a few white lines on the major arterial roads, Adelaide has created a viable alternative to the car.

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