Judith White - Moonrise. Image courtesy Defiance Gallery.

Sixteen artists, a trailer and a trek on the 233km Larapinta Trail through the heart of Australia, west from Alice Springs.

Each year celebrated painter Leo Robba takes groups of artists, some established professionals, others enthusiastic amateurs, out to the Larapinta for a week of walking and working.

An exhibition their results is in Sydney’s Defiance Galleries in Paddington and Newtown.

At a reception at the exhibition, Robba spoke enthusiastically about his excitement at seeing the work of even experienced painters changed by their interaction with the spectacular central Australian landscape.

Artist Tim Allen observed how artists, who normally get together to bitch about the business of trying to scratch out a living, had time for deep and moving discussions around the campfire about how the environment was affecting them and their work.

It’s a trip many of us would love to do – you bring your artistic endeavour, they ensure you don’t die of thirst in the desert. For those who can’t get there, the extraordinarily varied work speaks for itself.

Tim Allen - Ormiston II (Image courtesy Defiance Gallery)

Euan Macleod - Ellery Creek Diptych (Image courtesy Defiance Gallery)

Charmaine Pike (Image courtesy Defiance Gallery)

Leo Robba - Evening on the Finke (Image courtesy Defiance Gallery)

Leo Robba’s artist excursions are run under the auspices of World Expeditions. Cost for the tour in June 2012 will be $2395. Do a fabulous painting while you’re there, sell it to someone who loves it, and your trip has been free!


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  1. It would be a life changing experience. Beautiful art work

  2. Yes, Debra and Pommepal, it is very special country out there and the camaraderie among the artists sounded as if it was very special too. Slightly competitive naturally but extremely supportive.

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