SYDNEY HARBOUR DAY 11 – Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach

Can't get enough of those Sydney Red Gums (angophora costata).

The end is in sight. I estimate I’ll be able to walk around the rest of the harbour foreshore in about three more days. And I’m moving into some of the nicest areas now, at least as far as natural bushland goes.

The 3 kilometre walk from the zoo, around Bradley’s Head to Clifton Gardens is one of Sydney’s most popular bushwalks.

They were lining up for the zoo buses, but there was no queue for the walking.

I wasn’t quite alone on this section of the track, though it certainly wasn’t crowded. The path is particularly well maintained, with railings and metal walkway sections to keep us on the right track.

That’s not only to make it comfortable for walkers; it also protects fragile bushland from the tramp of many feet.

Clifton Gardens has a pleasant bit of sand, a couple of cafes by the water and a kayak hire business. I took a short coffee break and moved on, past Middle Head and down a winding bushland track to Balmoral Beach.

Opinions vary on which is Sydney Harbour’s best beach. Watson’s Bay and Nielsen Park have their fans, and the shark nets there are reassuring to those with white pointer phobia.

For a non-beach swimmer like me, Balmoral Beach wins, mostly because of the rocks at the western end.

Balmoral - Sydney Harbour's best beach.

Low tide at Balmoral...

...and an Australian darter dries his wings.

This isn’t a long or a difficult stage of the walk, but it was one of the best.

Oops, there’s a bus coming…gotta go.

The route from Taronga Zoo to Balmoral (plus a short climb to the bus stop).

Total walked on this stage 11.00 kilometres.

Total travelled to date 158.2 kilometres.

Coming up – Balmoral to Manly


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5 responses to “SYDNEY HARBOUR DAY 11 – Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach

  1. That’s a great bird picture!!! I got some ordinary old seagulls yesterday at the beach.

    • Aw, don’t knock the humble seagull, Debra. If you put enough of them together it can make a good shot.

      I do like the darters though, and a still shot doesn’t do justice to their movement with their snake-like necks..

  2. Hi Richard, Great post! Im planning to walk this on the weekend (weather permitting), any tips on buses back to the city? Also, apparently there are seahorses along the sea fence at Chowder Bay – if its not too cold I will see if I find any and take a snap!

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