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SYDNEY HARBOUR DAY 11 – Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach

Can't get enough of those Sydney Red Gums (angophora costata).

The end is in sight. I estimate I’ll be able to walk around the rest of the harbour foreshore in about three more days. And I’m moving into some of the nicest areas now, at least as far as natural bushland goes. Continue reading


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SYDNEY HARBOUR WALK DAY 10 – the artists’ trail

The city viewed from the leafy North Shore.

I’m back on the track again, picking up my epic journey around the water. I went to the zoo, walking the 11.7km of coastline between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Taronga. Along the way, I met some famous artists. Continue reading


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POLYGLOT TANGLE – Sydney Festival 2012

The Festival of Sydney is on again.

I took the grandson to Hyde Park for the opening free events for families.

We loved the Tangle Garden, devised by Polyglot Theatre from Melbourne.

It’s a fabulously simple concept – invite kids and parents to build their own communal artwork, a jungle of tangled coloured elastic, then play in it.

The stage is a forest of golden poles, topped with interesting shapes. As the music starts, pleasant, environmental and a bit New Agey, we are issued with balls of elastic and given some simple instructions. Continue reading


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STAGE FRIGHT! – opening in Sydney

It’s January, school holidays and play-plugging time again…

Stage Fright!, my theatrical adaptation of Paul Jennings’ marvellously inventive, witty, naughty, spine-tingling stories will open in the New Theatre in Sydney next week and will run till January 28th. Continue reading

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MELBOURNE FOR MISERS – where to go for the free stuff

A free science lecture on the big screen at Federation Square. It was about the likelihood of Earth being destroyed by an asteroid, but nobody seemed unduly concerned.

I’m a notorious skinflint traveller. If there’s a bus, I don’t take cabs; if there’s a 2-star hotel, I’ll look to see what the one star one offers; if there’s something going cheap, I’ll look for something that’s free. I know that there are more important things to spend money on – like coffee, food and alcohol.

And of all cities, my home town Melbourne is in my mind supposed to be free. In the good old days I could eat at Mum’s and she’d do my washing for nothing.

I hadn’t spent a day or a cent there for years, and there were a lot of new developments to catch up on. The Melbourne Museum, new facilities at the mighty MCG, the Ian Potter Centre and Docklands have all been installed since last I was in town. My mission was to see them for nothing, or next to nothing. Continue reading


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INDIA v AUSTRALIA – Boxing Day test cricket

Heart-stirring stuff at the MCG

This could be a cracker of a series. Australia is in a rebuilding phase, blooding some exciting, promising fast bowlers, while India has brought two of the world’s greatest ever batsmen to tour here for perhaps the last time. I was at the mighty MCG on Boxing Day to see it all begin.

Continue reading


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SYDNEY NEW YEAR’S EVE – fireworks on the bridge

A cracking start to 2012.

Mevrouw T and I are rather bah-humbug about New Year’s Eve, with its noise, crowds, forced jollity, over-indulgence and morning after regrets. Our procedure in recent years has been to watch the 9.00pm children’s fireworks on TV, then go to bed and try to sleep through the distant rumble of the 12.00am edition.

This year however came an offer too good to refuse – a very pleasant dinner party chez the only people we know whose apartment overlooks Sydney Harbour. Continue reading


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