It's sometimes hard to find a place to park your bike in Amsterdam - but not this week. Photo:

It’s been a long time since Dutch canals were this frozen. If I were there I’d be sneaking out to take a couple of photos, then dashing back inside to huddle over a heater. It’s nice to admire it from a distance.

Thanks, Menno Heslinga, for bringing this to my attention via Facebook, and acknowledgements to Thomas Schlijper for the photo above. His excellent work is on, and includes this bit of video of a young thrill-seeker trying to ride his bike on the ice.


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7 responses to “AMSTERDAM’S CANALS FREEZE – bikes on ice

  1. Menno

    Graag gedaan!! Ik geniet elke dag opnieuw van die mooie (Amsterdamse) foto’s van Schlijper en jullie nu dus ook in het vast veel warmere Sydney.

  2. En leuk om jou ook op de schaatsen te zien, Menno. Doe je mee in de Elfstedentocht? Verplicht voor een Friese, dacht ik.

  3. That would’ve been amazing. I was there 2 years ago and heard about the race on the canals. Do you know if they were successful in holding the race this year? I do miss Amsterdam and it’s people, I felt quite at home.

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