Casey gets down to work.

Filmmaker Casey Neistat did an experiment. He’d look suspicious and steal a bike, over and over again, in increasingly desperate attempts to get noticed, challenged and apprehended. The New York Times ran his story this week.

Mevrouw T and I have run the experiment in Amsterdam too.

When I lost my bike keys, my wife asked the local hardware man to come and cut the lock with his angle grinder. It took him less than two minutes. He didn’t question the ownership of the bike – Mevrouw T looks a model of honesty and people, including me, generally follow her instructions to the letter. She’d make an excellent bike thief.

To see the entertaining video of how Mr Neistat fared in New York…Click here.

Thanks to Mevrouw T and the Dutch media for bringing it to my attention.

Would you challenge a bike thief? Would the response of bystanders and police be the same anywhere in the world?


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4 responses to “WOULD YOU STOP A BIKE THIEF? – a New York story

  1. Probably not I am sad to say!

  2. Similar story, my key broke off in the lock my boyfriend and I carried it to the Zwarte Fietsenplan—which was about 1km away. Despite early morning with several people out and about, no one even batted an eye. And the guy at the bike shop asked no questions. I guess we don’t look “shady”?

    I moved to Amsterdam from NYC and none of my friends in NYC store their bike outside, way to risky. I know bikes are stolen in A’Dam as well, but fortunately I’ve had the same bike for over 2 years now and it is always parked outside—one of the reasons I’m glad we are still here and haven’t moved back to NYC yet.

    • Nice story, Rachel.

      I’ve lost 2.4 bikes to Amsterdam bike thieves over the years, the .4 being a front wheel which I neglected to chain up. My good Amsterdam bikes stay inside, but I actually love my stadfiets – it cost 50 euros, looks terrible and not worth stealing, and can be parked anywhere, but it’s a great bike.

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