McGREETINGS FROM AMERICA – have an easy breezy day!

I enjoy language, and admire those who use it in original ways.

I’ve been online, booking accommodation for an upcoming trip to the USA, and have been much entertained by the inventive alternatives to ‘enjoy!’ and ‘have a nice day’ that pepper the correspondence.

A hotel ‘Front Desk Talent member’ wins the prize for exhorting me to ‘have an easy breezy day’, but there were other worthy contributions…

‘I have just been notified of your arrival…and I am very excited that you decided to stay with us!’
(Aw shucks, I bet you say that to all your guests.)

‘Thank you for reaching out to us, it would be great to have you here!’
(No problem – the reaching was only as far as my keyboard.)

‘Be sassy, be happy, stay whole!’ (Being happy isn’t hard, but I may need to brush up my sassiness.)

It’s been a long time since we last visited the States, and it is most encouraging that they are going out of their way to make us feel welcome. We presume it is heartfelt and well-meant. Can we expect good old American hospitality to match the effusive language?

How will Mevrouw T and I deal with all these good wishes when they’re delivered face to face? At least they will make us smile, and that’s a good start.

I won’t identify the sources of the above gems at this stage, until I’ve road-tested the product and can tell you whether it lives up to the promises of friendly service.

In the meantime, let me only say, ‘Nice job, man! Give me five!’


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12 responses to “McGREETINGS FROM AMERICA – have an easy breezy day!

  1. Caroline

    Whereabouts are you going Richard, if you’re going to California you could look up Alan’s brother, Tom. He’s in Santa Barbara, as pretty a town as you could wish for.

  2. Karen Bray

    Are you coming to MacBoston????

    Come visit us…You’ll have a REALLY NICE DAY!!!!

    Karen and Jamie MacBray MacBergquist

  3. I love New York!!!! Have a great time and have a nice day. Stay whole?

  4. It will be fine once you are past the US border control people who seem to have manners and humour surgically removed as a condition of employment!

    • Thanks for the warning, Andrew.

      I stopped joking at borders after the time I was strip-searched on the Dutch-Belgian border in 1977. The customs post was gone when I returned a week later. I wouldn’t expect to get rid of a US border quite as easily.

  5. Erika

    You are coming to Chicago? When?? A 6 hr. train trip plus 1 hr. car ride from here… I could come up for a day, or would you like to visit Missouri?

  6. I got a good chuckle out of these sassy and whole liners. Look forward to hearing what you get up to once you get there.

    • Howdy there, CHFG! So fantastically delighted you got a chuckle. My mission is to bring pleasure to the world in general and to you in particular. May your life be filled with love, fun and adventure until the next blog post.

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