SPIEGELSTRAAT, AMSTERDAM – reflections in the ‘Mirror District’


Entering into the artistic spirit of the neighbourhood, I tried to take some rather special reflective photos here. They weren’t entirely successful, though I did get a few interesting results.

The Spiegel (mirror) Street leads between the Rijksmuseum, home to Amsterdam’s Vermeers and Rembrandts, and the Herengracht, home to Amsterdam’s Museum of Bags and Purses. No,really, every city should have one.

The Spiegelstraat is lined with art and antique shops. If you’re in the market for a genuine old Delft Blue tile or perhaps a 17th century Flemish master painting, this is the place to come.


Another reason to like the Spiegelstraat is that it’s almost car-free. There are some bridges to negotiate, but bikes have it almost to themselves. Well, okay, there are motor scooters too.


Window-shopping is definitely the way to go. There is serious art for sale here, at serious prices.


I found a smart restaurant with the tables all set for fine dining and the street outside reflected in the windows. It gave me an idea for a series of shots.

Reflection crop


The trouble with reflection shots from windows is that it’s usually the photographer himself who is the main feature reflected. It took some judicious angling to get this to work at all. Tricky.


Maybe I’m not ready to send my photos for exhibition in the Rijksmuseum just yet, but it’s there waiting for me.




It is wonderful to be back in Amsterdam anyway, as spring is just starting to spring.

Tip: To get the full effect of the reflection and composition, you need to click on the photos above, especially the top one.


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10 responses to “SPIEGELSTRAAT, AMSTERDAM – reflections in the ‘Mirror District’

  1. I am certain I walked that street last week!

  2. Welcome back, Richard and Mrs. T! Amsterdam just wasn’t the same without you and your apt observations. Glad you are back to document our lives again.

  3. Jeroen

    What a great idea Richard. This gives outdoor dining a whole new dimension.
    Enjoy Amsterdam, I miss it.

  4. nice, you did really well – especially love the reflective shots!

  5. We found this area and recognized it from your photos. It was great to wander there….thank you.

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