MARILYN MONROE – still pulling a crowd

If she’s not stopping traffic, she’s at least slowing it down.

Chicagoans and visitors to the windy city have only a few more days to look up Marilyn’s skirt. She’s standing 26 feet (5 metres) tall on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue until Monday, then moving to Palm Springs, California.

The work of New Jersey-based artist Seward Johnson has been controversial for the ten months it has been in town. It’s kitsch and Marilyn has nothing to do with Chicago, say critics.

The public love it, however. It’s naturally become compulsory for tourists to be photographed standing underneath the statue, looking upwards.

Guess what I did in Chicago?

Since July 2011, Marilyn has been upstaging two venerable gentlemen whose images stand on either side of her. They may be pleased to get some peace and quiet when she moves on.

Jack Brickhouse, Hall of Fame sports broadcaster.

Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable, the Haitian born trader who with his native American wife began Chicago’s multiracial community by being the first settlers in the area.

We’re not likely to get to Palm Springs anytime soon, so we’re pleased our itineraries and hers coincided, however briefly – Our Weekend with Marilyn.

Farewell, Norma Jean. Good luck out west!

POST SCRIPT: My correspondent Knuckles (see comment below) has referred me to another work by Seward Johnson, in Australia Square, Sydney. I Wiki-ed him…

Waiting, by John Seward Johnson Jr. Photo: released by Wikipedia.

The writer was the guest of Chicago Tourism and Culture.


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5 responses to “MARILYN MONROE – still pulling a crowd

  1. Knuckles

    That is the same Seward Johnson(of the Johnson and Johnson family) whose life bronze of a man ready a newspaper sits on a bench in Australia Square,Sydney.

  2. The LensMaster

    People up there must know now how it feels like an ant…and getting red blush on their cheeks. (^_^)

  3. I love outdoor sculptures – these are great!

  4. I think I prefer our own Big monuments like the Big Banana. And you can go inside the Big Banana.

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