PERTISAU, ACHENSEE – pretty as the pictures

Pointy church, pointy mountains.

We thought we were finished with hiking when we arrived in Pertisau, but there was one more adventure left. The 10km walk along the Achensee to catch the ferry at Achenkirch sounded like a very tame event after the dangers we had passed, but there were some surprises.

Achensee dawn. Insomniac that I am, I went out with the camera…

…leaving my boots to dry themselves and enjoy the view.

Pertisau is mostly made of hotels and restaurants…

…but at that hour there was nobody about.

The hotel chairs were waiting…and too wet from overnight rain for me to enjoy.

Every Pertisau hotel tries to outdo its neighbours with cute Tyrolean painting and geraniums in windowboxes.

Some of us with energy to burn took the high route over the mountains. I opted to join the low road people, even though the path to Achenkirch looked as flat as this, and a little boring.

It didn’t last long. We were soon scrambling up steps, trying not to look too far out to the drop beside us.

The Geisalmsteig path has some awkward exposed sections. It’s very popular, so the Austrians have thoughtfully provided cables to hang onto as we edge around the cliff.

They’ve also installed obstacles to discourage mountainbikers. Anyone attempting this on the bike would be crazy anyway.

At the end of the path all is explained. It’s ‘lebensgefarlich’ (deadly dangerous) in frost, snow and bad weather. We understand why now.

Now we just have a gentle stroll to catch ferry and bus back to Innsbruck.

In Austria, even the woodpiles look good.


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8 responses to “PERTISAU, ACHENSEE – pretty as the pictures

  1. Jenny Thompson

    Hey Richard – so glad you chose caution over “macho” – could have been awful from the look of your photos of the bad weather. But the “good weather” photos make it all look so benign. Keep safe. Jennyxx

    • Jenny, when we saw other people cheerfully hopping all over the rocks and snow we thought perhaps we were being unduly cautious. Then I checked the figures on the number of deaths each year, and realised we were definitely the sensible ones.

  2. Great pics, Richard. It does help to have fantastic scenery, but I really liked the woodpile shot, too. That one was not at all obvious. Glad you took the “low road.” I’m sure you’ll get back to Scotland before me. And everywhere else.

  3. shawjonathan

    Discretion is definitely the better part of valour, Richard. Facing the Void had been written. Your cautious adventures are new and fresh! I love your photos

    • Thanks Jonathan,

      I did once meet Joe Simpson of Touching the Void fame. I hadn’t at that stage made my plans for my book ‘Chickening out of the Void and Living to Blog About It’, but I’m sure he’d agree it has bestseller written all over it.

  4. I didn’t realize Austria had places like this. I’d like to walk it – and try out those hotel chairs. Thanks for the information.

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