MY YOUTUBE DEBUT – an internet sensation!

It’s going viral. Hits on my first YouTube appearance are up over 700% in just three days (okay, from 7 to 50, but hey, Lady Gaga would be pleased with that sort of percentage boom in popularity.)

My friends Theo and Marja discovered I was a closet fiddle player and put me in touch with a couple of Dutch musicians.

When Henk and Boudewijn came round to our place with the guitar and banjo I thought it was just a few old blokes getting together for a bit of a jam. I didn’t realise we were making our instant internet debut.

DIY cinematographer Boudewijn opted for a single camera, single shot technique, spontaneous and authentic, and his lighting has a brooding, mysterious quality.

The studio we used looks rather like the one favoured by whistle blowers and victims of crime – figures silhouetted so faces can’t be recognised and voices slightly distorted.

Keeping our anonymity is a wise precaution. We don’t want to have our private lives invaded by fans and paparazzi just yet.

Don’t let that stop you checking out our progress. I don’t know whether you have to watch to the end of the song to have it registered as a ‘view’ on YouTube.

So just to be sure, click the ‘Watch on YouTube’ button and even when you’ve been delighted enough by our talent please just leave it running till the music stops. Our interpretation of Robbie Robertson’s ‘The Weight’ lasts 4 minutes and 46 seconds – about long enough to go and make a cup of tea.

You’ll still be able to say you saw ‘The Orphans’ way back before they were famous.


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3 responses to “MY YOUTUBE DEBUT – an internet sensation!

  1. We stayed till the end. Did you get the hit?

    • I think that entitles you to a backstage pass, Debra. The cup of hot chocolate will be waiting for you.

      Hits are growing at an incredible rate, so please excuse us if we can’t squeeze all the fans and groupies into the dressing room.

  2. I love the thought of being a groupie.

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