SYDNEY RIDE2WORK DAY – cyclists’ breakfast in Newtown

Wilson St, Newtown is one of the few Sydney streets with a separate bike path – just down one side, but it’s a good start.

I’m lucky to have a fantastic boss who understands cycling. He provides showers and secure bike parking in the office. On a fine day, he knows I may pedal to work by the scenic route and arrive at my desk some hours later than usual.

That’s cool by him. He believes I’ll be refreshed, invigorated and more productive after my ride.

My employer occasionally gives me time off to go on a major cycling tour, and doesn’t mind when I spend some months each year in Amsterdam where I can live a carefree, car-free life, riding the bike every day. He takes it for granted that I’ll sometimes waste a few hours watching a bike race on TV.

Sure, the money is not great. However, as a self-employed writer working from home, I have a boss who’s an all-round terrific guy.

Today was officially designated Australia’s National Ride2Work Day. So naturally I warned my boss I’d be a little late, and joined the line of riders heading to the park in nearby Newtown for the Ride2Work Breakfast.

It wasn’t hard to find.

The word ‘free’ will always attract a crowd of cyclists, especially when it’s ‘free extra shot flat white coffee’.

The pies weren’t hot, but they were better than they looked and, remember…FREE!

I loved this invention, a pedal-operated blender for mixing your own fruit smoothie. I must get one of my own. Perhaps Mevrouw T would like one for Christmas.

Thanks to the people from Bicycle Garden (must do a proper blog post on them soon) for running free bike repairs.

Well done, all concerned with organising this event! We must do it every year, and make Ride2Work more than a one day event. Meanwhile, I hope every cyclist and prospective cyclist can find a boss as accommodating and bike-friendly as mine.

STOP PRESS: According to my mail from the organisers, Ride2Work had over 115,000 registrations. There were 118 official community breakfasts held around the country, and probably many more informal ones at workplaces. Good work! Do it again tomorrow!

Do you ride to work? If not, what is stopping you? Could any simple, cheap things be done to make it more convenient?


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12 responses to “SYDNEY RIDE2WORK DAY – cyclists’ breakfast in Newtown

  1. Caroline

    This boss of whom you talk is it you, or Mrs T?

  2. Very amusing, Richard. I like the conceit of this post. I’ll have to steal it some day, since I’ve been my own boss for years now.

  3. Nice post Richard – makes me regret not stopping as a cycled past on my way to the Hyde Park and North Sydney breakfasts !

  4. Robyn

    Hi from Brisvegas, Richard!
    We too celebrated with brekkie next to the river at South Bank, put on by our wonderful Bicycle Queensland membership/advocacy group. Just a bun, OJ, oat bar and banana – but all appreciated on this fine sunny morning. Power to our pedals!

  5. kevinmayne

    You will have people applying for jobs to work for you if you keep this up!

  6. You are the luckiest person in the world to have such an understanding, all-round awesome boss, Richard. 😉 If only the pay was a little better, eh?

    Cape Town is trying to encourage people to cycle to work, but there aren’t enough safe cycling routes yet, and what with the buses, trucks and mini-bus taxis and commuter cars all competing for space on the roads, it’s way too dangerous. I love the idea though!

    • Reggie, Sydney is far from the ideal cycling city, but it is improving, and events like this are encouraging many more people to use the bikes for ordinary commuting, as opposed to serious fitness training.

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