Unfortunately we’ll be in the wrong place at the wrong time, out of media contact while many millions in different parts of the world watch the work of the Tulloch family in two separate productions about to hit their screens.

Our son Bram has spent the best part of the past three years working on The Lego Movie, scheduled for release in many territories this week.

Though the producers, directors, writers and cast are American, and the stars are certain well-known Scandinavian toys, the animation was done by our brilliant son and a few hundred of his close mates at Animal Logic, based in the Fox Studio complex in Sydney.

The buzz around The Lego Movie is excellent and the reviews have been universally positive. Here’s an example – from Forbes Magazine.

I love the central premise of the story – that there are two ways of playing with Lego; (1) following the instructions on the box or (2) mixing, matching and doing it your own way.

We’re looking forward to seeing it (it won’t be released in Australia until April) and will be waiting in the emptying cinema till well into the credits to give a proud cheer when “Post Production Engineer – Bram Tulloch” scrolls up. I don’t know if there’s an Oscar category for Best Achievement in Post Production Engineering, but he should have that award sewn up next year.

Meanwhile Hoopla Doopla, the childrens’ show for which I wrote a number of scripts last year, will begin screening on ABC TV next week.

The Chinese/Australian cast of Hoopla Doopla!

The Chinese/Australian cast of Hoopla Doopla.

It was a lot of fun to write, and I’m sure it was a challenge to perform and put together for the Australian and Chinese co-producers, Beyond Screen Producers and China Central TV.

It’s a dialogue-free physical comedy show for a cast of circus performers, playing the residents of a little fantasy village. Filming took place last year on a huge set outside Beijing, under the direction of Australian Mark Barnard and his Chinese colleague Liang Tong.

It will be a modest launch here in Australia, but it’s sobering to know that it is likely to be seen by an estimated hundred million Chinese children every day. I hope they enjoy it!


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  1. Caroline

    You’re a talented family. Your parents would be so proud 😊

  2. Caroline

    As do I. Xox

  3. So, talent IS hereditary! Well done to you both.

  4. Awesome! Congratulations and best of luck for both the projects!

  5. One’s own achievements are exciting enough, but I should imagine those of one’s children have something quite profound and exhilarating. Congratulations and best wishes to you both.

  6. How fabulous! I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Lego Movie – I wonder when it’ll come to South Africa.

    You are such a talented family, Richard – well done to both of you!

  7. Simply astonishing, Richard……….!

  8. Vikram B.

    Hello Richard,

    Very talented and creative family and a pleasant surprise to know your son is involved in The Lego Movie making. Good luck to you both.

    Following you on Twitter @vikramb and have been making hits on your Singapore Blogs 🙂

  9. Congratulations! I will look out for both productions.

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