TRAVELLER ZOO – Mappus consultor impetuoso

Mappus consultor impetuoso
These creatures are generally, though not exclusively, male. They can commonly be seen in labyrinthine old cities, guidebook in hand, confidently leading family groups into blind alleys.
Identifying call: ‘No, we don’t need to ask directions. I know exactly where we are.’

* Illustrator Simon Letch and I have been contributing a weekly cartoon to the Traveller section of the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age, introducing readers to the curious species we meet on the road. I’m releasing some of them into the wilds of cyberspace…one at a time.


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6 responses to “TRAVELLER ZOO – Mappus consultor impetuoso

  1. Lol! Brilliant! I love these cartoons. 🙂

  2. Angela Highstead

    Ipad maps are hopeless. They won’t let you turn them upside down! Keep cartooning.

  3. Very nice Richard. I am guilty of the same sin … it’s a bloke thing

  4. Yep, what’s the point of asking directions when you know you’ll get…’Ooh, if I wanted to get there I wouldn’t start from here.’

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