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TRAVELLER ZOO – Perspectivus hilarius

Two perspectivi are required to pull off this stunt. One aims the camera while the other props up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or pinches the point of a pyramid. Sure, Instagram may have seen it all before, but great humour must be shared.

Identifying call: ‘A little to the left, up a bit…perfect!’

Lovely work on the illustration, Simon Letch, and thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age for running our efforts each week.


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TRAVELLER ZOO – Baggagus obstructus

Baggagus obstructus
A telltale sign that an obstructus is ahead is the traffic jam of passengers in a plane’s aisle. Within minutes, you may encounter the creature itself, awkwardly wrestling camera, overcoat, duty free and tribal mask into the overhead locker.
Identifying call: ‘Could you help me with my case? I’ve got this bad back.’

Simon Letch did the picture. The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age first published it. Thanks again to all.

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TRAVELLER ZOO – Onlinea frugalis

Onlinea frugalis

Planning a dream trip to Italy, an onlinea spends weeks at the computer, painstakingly sourcing cheap fares and discounted accommodation. Then she finds an irresistible five-star deal, and books a Phuket package instead. Identifying call: ‘Taking that 2am flight via Guangzhou will save us $17!’

Thanks again, Simon Letch, for the illustration and Fairfax Media for running our efforts in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age.

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TRAVELLER ZOO – Mappus consultor impetuoso

Mappus consultor impetuoso
These creatures are generally, though not exclusively, male. They can commonly be seen in labyrinthine old cities, guidebook in hand, confidently leading family groups into blind alleys.
Identifying call: ‘No, we don’t need to ask directions. I know exactly where we are.’

* Illustrator Simon Letch and I have been contributing a weekly cartoon to the Traveller section of the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age, introducing readers to the curious species we meet on the road. I’m releasing some of them into the wilds of cyberspace…one at a time.


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The Cathedral Quarter is becoming almost hip.

The Cathedral Quarter is becoming almost hip.

Few would describe Belfast as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. It does, however, have character.

The Cathedral Quarter, the streets surrounding St Anne’s Cathedral, is working to reinvent itself as a cool cultural hangout. To judge from our little stroll around the area, it’s succeeding. Continue reading


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ULSTER FOLK MUSEUM – Charlie Chaplin and why spades matter

Blacksmiths taking a lot of care making a decorative ram's head fire poker.

Blacksmiths taking a lot of care making a decorative ram’s head fire poker.

We’re stingy, we Dutch tourists. We’re only visiting the Ulster Folk Museum because it’s cheaper than Titanic Belfast and the parking is free.

We expect an hour or so poking around a cheesy open air museum will be plenty, then we’ll go looking for a cafe with affordable coffee and scones and fill in the rest of the day somehow.

It turns out we need a change of plan. We love the folk museum! Continue reading


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Local vegetable market, Hong Kong Central.

Local vegetable market, Hong Kong Central.

What am I doing here? I don’t like shopping. I already have too much stuff, I’m not going to cook any food tonight and anything I buy I’ll have to lug around for the next few days.

So why does every visit to a new town start in places where buying and selling is the whole idea? Continue reading


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