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SYDNEY CITY GUIDE – alternative accommodation, restaurants and fun

I recently did an interesting job, writing a brief alternative travel guide to the city I’ve lived in for more than half my life. I welcome suggestions for great places and events I missed out (and if you want me to review your hotel/restaurant/adventure, offer me a freebee), but here’s what I included…

That Opera House looks like a nest of copulating turtles.

Australians who don’t live in Sydney are jealous. Melbourne people in particular enjoy niggling their northern neighbours. The Emerald City is a flashy, superficial town, they say. Lucky it’s got a sparkling harbour and brilliant surf beaches, because apart from that…okay, the weather’s sometimes good and yeah, yeah, there are those Blue Mountains…but apart from that Sydney just rests on its geographic laurels and pours itself a self-congratulatory beer. And BTW, that Opera House looks like a nest of copulating turtles.

Sydneysiders know better. Continue reading


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SYDNEY OPRAH HOUSE – sorry if we’re overexcited!

G’day Oprah,

Welcome to Australia. We don’t have enough American celebrity talk-show hosts visiting us, wearing Akubra cowboy hats, cuddling koalas and Aboriginal kids and telling us how they love coming Downunder because everybody is so natural and friendly. I understand we Aussie taxpayers have invested about $1,500,000.00 to get you here, so we’re naturally very excited to see what our money has bought. Please excuse us if we gush a bit.

I was at first a little disappointed not to be included on the interviewee list for your shows in the Opera House, but I consoled myself by remembering that Nicole Kidman needs the publicity more than I do. I can always talk about myself on this blog. Continue reading


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