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HIKING AT THE END OF THE WORLD – above Iceland’s deserted fiords

Climbing Mt Hvitserkur. That’s our team up ahead – there’s nobody else around.

My mainstream media client has just published my article about our fabulous trek in Iceland, so I can now release the full story on this blog. Let me simply say it is one of the best treks I’ve ever done in my life.

‘Stop a moment,’ says Rob. ‘You hear it?’

We’re the photographers in the party. On yet another high col we’ve lagged behind our hiking group to take yet more panoramic shots. My boots crunch to a halt. I listen.

‘Hear what?’ I ask.

‘The silence.’

For the first time I notice it. No murmur of traffic, no hum of a town in a distant valley. There’s not a blade of grass and not a breath of wind to rustle it. It’s impossible to imagine a deeper silence. It was probably often like that during the five days we’ve been walking, but I was distracted by the scenery. Continue reading


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BORGARFJORDUR EYSTRI – an Icelandic village portrait

Borgarfjordur Eystri- a spectacular location, and all quiet in town.

Borgarfjordur Eystri is the only settlement we pass on our trek through Iceland’s deserted inlets. Most of the farmers who used to eke out a living in the Viknaslodir region have left, so now it’s a hikers’ paradise, with 140km of trails to follow. Continue reading


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ICELAND – hiking with vikings

This fiord is known for its fog, but we caught it on a good day.

I’m sorry, Tasmania, Swiss Alps, New Zealand and even you, Himalayas. You’ve each just been knocked down one place in my ‘world’s most spectacular hiking destination’ list. Continue reading


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