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TOP BIKE NAVIGATION APP – for less than $5

Damn! Which way to Amstelveen?

We should never get lost on the bikes again, not in Nederland.

We’ve downloaded a navigation app called ‘FIETS’ (that’s Dutch for ‘bike’) onto Mevrouw T’s iPad. It cost EUR2.99, and does the job even without 3G, which we’re too stingy to buy. The system is in Dutch, but not hard to operate and I think it’s excellent value.

Here’s how it works… Continue reading


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TRAVELLING WITH TECHNOLOGY – oh, what a tangled web!

But wait, there's more!

When I first went travelling, fellow backpackers were amused to discover I carried a watch and an alarm clock with me. They joked that I must consider myself a busy man of the world, who may need to wake early, meaning before lunchtime; “Like, Richard, it’s not like you ever have An Appointment.”

Technology for the traveller has moved on. My mobile phone also serves as watch, alarm clock, camera, diary and home entertainment centre. Things are so much more convenient now…or are they? Continue reading


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