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PHUKET THAILAND -an ugly Australian confesses

It was all a bit of a blur.

I lost a bit of credibility as an alternative-type traveller yesterday.

Around lunchtime I sat in the Karon Aussie Bar, clutching a beer in a stubby holder, my eyes glued to a TV screen in the corner.

Friendly Thai ladies hovered behind me, ensuring I had regular refills and supplying a packet of wipes when, during a particularly exciting moment, chilli sauce slopped off my fishcake and onto my shorts.

If I keep doing this sort of thing, I could soon find myself among the Australians behaving badly at Pamplona or Oktoberfest. Continue reading

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SWISH SWISS – Phuket, Thailand

Beautiful gardens, but is it paradise?

Mevrouw T and I are not accustomed to staying in up-market resorts, so we’re not sure what such places are supposed to do to earn their extra stars, other than pleating the ends of the toilet rolls.

We’re more used to B&Bs and hostels, but this is a family holiday following a family wedding, so the resort at Thailand’s Phuket with children and grandchildren is the destination. It may be a little unconventional to invite the whole tribe on the honeymoon, but having free babysitters on tap makes the deal attractive. We were happy to accept the invitation. Continue reading


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